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  • Is there a Demat account with T+0 Settlement? How do high frequency traders manage T+2 Trades?

    • @ Rahul Nowhere in the world, trade is settled in T+0 days. Even, in the high frequency trading (algorithmic trading), when cash settlement is required and delivery happens, it requires T +2 days. SEBI is in the process of considering the shortening of trade settlement cycle through shifting to T+1.

    • @ Rahul T+0 settlement is not available anywhere in the world. (SEBI
      is currently considering moving to T+1 settlement cycle, which would
      put us ahead of even most developed countries). Even in algorithmic
      trading, when a trader has net closing position in a particular
      script, settlement does not happen in T+0 days.Although most most
      algo trading is high frequency trading, where in cash settlement
      takes place.

      • Thanks for the reply.

        With T+2 or T+3, waiting for a 2-3 days until cash settlement which could sometimes mean a good share could become out of reach during these days. Holds true for those on low cash reserves.

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