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  1. Chennai-based software major Polaris has announced plans to completely acquire Indigo Tx Software Private Limited, a software as a service (SaaS) player.
  2. Polaris was the only winner in this category and one of two award winners from India
  3. At present, Polaris Financial Technology is holding 51% of equity shares of Indigo Tx Software
  4. iStore was chosen by Samsonite due to the broad range of features, scalability and flexibility
  5. Polaris Software Lab has informed that the meeting of shareholder's committee of directors of the company held on October 22, 2011 has allotted 5,900 equity shares to 4 associates (employees) of the company under the Assoc...

  6. The scrip is currently trading at Rs. 129.00, up by 1.45%
  7. The company has launched it at Sibos 2011 in Toronto
  8. To cater to the three major global markets for Polaris, the FT grid will be offered in three different variants
  9. The company inks the agreement to form a JVC -- Sonali Polaris Financial Technology (SPFTL)
  10. This well developed application software will enable CDB to increase its efficiency, performance, security and transparency of its day-to-day operations
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