Investment Shastra

Company Shastra: Wipro Ltd.

Wipro Ltd is the 3rd largest provider of IT Services in India. The company provides comprehensive IT Solutions and Services which include systems integration, information systems outsourcing, IT-enabled services etc. Recently, it was ranked as a leader among testing service providers. Apart from providing IT services and products, Wipro is the only company from this industry, that also provides Consumer Products, Lighting, Furniture, and Hydraulic business.
Wipro has had a strong fundamental past, clocking good growth rates. In the recent economic crisis, when the performance of many IT companies was battered, Wipro yet maintained a decent performance in its financials. After witnessing resistance from clients side to sign long-term contracts, the company is now signing a slew of multi-year deals. Also, it is planning to focus on its ‘String of Pearls’ strategy
So, is it poised for great growth in future and what are its strategies for the same?


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