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Tech Mahindra learns how to take the gamble out of Stock Investing

A jam packed room, a topic of great interest for many, curious faces, lots of questions and answers; sounds like a Q&A session at Parliament, doesn’t it? But this wasn’t the parliament; it was the Tech Mahindra campus at Hinjewadi. Yes, a few days back we got an opportunity to conduct a session at the Tech Mahindra Campus. The topic was something all of us would love to talk about i.e. How to take the gamble out of Stock Investing? And it was conducted by non other than our co-founder, Raymond Moses.

This session was a part of an activity conducted by Tech Mahindra employees called Chai & Why? (we love the name btw!) wherein experts from different fields are invited to share their knowledge with the Tech Mahindra crowd. When we were approached by one of the members of the Chai&Why team – Anuj Bhatia, we were delighted. There was no better way to kick off our mission : Every Indian should invest in stocks the right way!

The moment we entered Tech Mahindra’s enormous campus we were in for a surprise. We were expecting around 50 people for the session but it turned out that more than 150 people flocked the venue. The show was sold out! Some people infact had to stand for the entire duration of the session but were still determined to get an answer to the question faced perpetually by all investors : How do I take the gamble out of Stock Investing? How do I make it a profitable venture and not a game of mere chance? We are sure that by the end of the session we had answered their questions and given them a simple and effective method to build wealth.

Raymond started the session with a “number check” of how many people invested in stocks directly or indirectly and how many did not invest in stocks at all. Then, he proceeded to tell the audience why the stock market has come to be regarded as a gamble. The inherent volatility due to news, sentiments, FIIs, political happenings, everything has made stock investing look like a roller-coaster ride. Then came the most important part of the session of how can we ensure that we pick stocks based on fundamentals and not by tips/recommendations. The trick to doing this was, “To find a fundamentally strong company and to invest in it at the right price!”

But how can retail investors like you and me do this? Raymond shared some very useful steps for shortlisting fundamentally strong companies. Most importantly he also talked about how it is imperative to find the right price to invest in stocks and how we can calculate it ourselves. We also talked about our concept of Stocks@MRP and Sensex@MRP which was published as a special story titled “The Right Price” in Outlook Profit magazine recently. This was followed by a question and answer session. Expectedly, the audience had a lot of questions which Raymond answered.

Interacting and talking with the people, clearing their doubts and myths about stock investing, it was a really wonderful experience for us. The interest and enthusiasm shown by Tech Mahindra guys was awesome and very encouraging. And to top it this was just the beginning. We got an invite for a similar session to be held at Tech Mahindra’s campus at Viman Nagar, Pune! More on this session in the next blog. Till then do check out the pics of the first session here.


Nikhil Kale - - Team MoneyWorks4me