• 1. What should be my goal when investing in stocks?

    • Your goal should be to build a wealth-creating portfolio. A portfolio of very strong and reasonably diversified stocks; all purchased at attractive prices so that you get excellent returns over the long run.
  • 2. How many stocks do I ideally hold in my portfolio?

    • Your portfolio should not contain less than 7 stocks and not more than 18 stocks depending on your portfolio size. Too few increases risk and too many reduce returns. It is good to have some cash in your portfolio so that you can act on very good opportunities when they come.
  • 3. How do I select stocks to add to my portfolio?

    • You should also chose stocks from different sectors eg BFSI, IT, FMCG, etc and not be over invested in only one sector. Simple rule 3 sectors and 7 stocks are minimum, 6 sectors and 18 stocks is maximum. Do not go after every opportunity in the market.

      Make sure you invest mostly in Green colour-coded companies and have moderate exposure to Orange colour-code companies. To find out the current opportunities go to the Homepage and click on BUY tab.
  • 4. How much of a particular stock should I buy?

    • Look at the Right Allocation section of the Decision Maker. For every stock we recommend maximum allocation in terms of percentage of your portfolio. However, you buy this in a phased manner (refer Question 6)
  • 5. How do I calculate my portfolio size for this allocation?

    • Go to the Portfolio Builder. You will be able to see all our signals and recommended allocation. You will see your portfolio and allocation in each stock entered in Bought List. This will help you in making portfolio level decisions.
  • 6. When do I buy and how much?

    • To take action you need to see the Right allocation section of the Decision Maker.

      We have implemented ‘real’ systematic investment plan (SIP) for every stock in your plan. You can see this by clicking the Price Chart.

      This plan tells you that you should buy and sell a stock in tranches (slices).It suggest investing 20% of the max allocation at Rs. 882-971, additional 30% taking the total invested to 50% at Rs. 794-882 and so on. This will ensure you avail of opportunities as it arises and still maintain a very attractive average buying price. Similarly selling is suggested in 3 tranches to ensure great returns without carrying the risk of losing the opportunity to book profits

  • 7. How many calls does MW4me generate every year?

    • In our model, calls or alerts are generated as and when stocks prices move to certain levels. However, these are doubly checked by our analyst before they are released. In some cases we may delay buying or selling actions if it is merited. Therefore the number of calls depends on markets levels. If markets are overvalued, there will be less Buy calls and more Sell calls. If markets are undervalued, there will be more Buy calls and less Sell calls. We do not give Buy calls forcibly. We prefer that you wait with cash to buy with conviction when opportunities come. Let’s assume you have portfolio of 5 lakhs and you have invested just 3 lakhs, in that case hold cash of 2 lakhs. Do not be fully invested in the market if there are no opportunities.
  • 8. Do all calls given by MW4me perform well?

    • To a large extent Buy signals do perform, but one or two may not go as expected and may be a bad call in retrospect. So we insist you build your portfolio as suggested above and not concentrate your portfolio in only a few stocks chosen by you. Diversification helps overall portfolio to grow despite of one or two losers. You will be able to track all our Buy/Sell triggers and percentage allocation in Portfolio Builder section alongside your portfolio pulled from Bought List.

  • 9. I had invested in XXX Ltd at average buying price of Rs. XX, it is currently down by 10-15%. What should I do, I am really worried?

    • Our analysts are constantly monitoring the stocks. We will give signal what to do with the stock. If not, feel free to call us to ask the future course of action. Do not act on your own, our experts will help you. Since we are keeping overall portfolio view, we will not be affected by a correction in any particular stock. The other stocks in your portfolio will take care of losses, if any. Your goal should be increasing entire portfolio size.
  • 10. I have invested in XXX stock as recommended by MW4me. It has neither gone up nor down. What should I do?

    • We give our signals based on what price it will command five years hence. So, it may take at least 12-24 months for the stocks to perform. Few stocks would rise every quarter and few will rise only after some anticipated event. You should hold the stock and ignore short term volatility in the stock.
  • 11. I am currently fully invested and I receive a Buy signal from MoneyWorks4me. What should I do?

    • You need to check whether you have any large exposure to a particular stock or Orange/Red colour stock.

      For eg. let’s say, you have 13% of your portfolio in ABC Ltd. You should partially sell the stock to reduce the exposure to this particular company and invest in new stock, provided you do not diversify beyond 18-20 stocks. Similarly, you should reduce your exposure to Orange/Red colour stock and invest in Green colour stock.

      For queries, call us at (+91)-20-67258333 or mail besafe@moneyworks4me.com

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