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About MoneyWorks4me, a financial portal that empowers retail investors to create wealth from stock investing. We offer them unbiased, original equity research to make the Right investment decisions. Founded in 2008, MoneyWorks4me has over 1.2 lakhs users, who benefit from its simple and powerful framework.
Our vision is to enable the retail investors to benefit from India’s growth story by investing in stocks confidenty, beating inflation & creating wealth - safely & successfully.
Who we are?
MoneyWorks4me is a team of 30+ people comprising Research Analysts, Engineers, MBAs & Tech geeks. This diverse & talented group creates innovative decision-making solutions with an aim to make retail investors’ life safe & simple.
Raymond Moses, Co-Founder
Raymond, an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur is the Founder of "Alchemists Ark", the parent company of MoneyWorks4me. He holds over 15 years of industry experience working with Castrol & HUL, and experience of over 12 years, as an entrepreneur. He is an expert in management consulting and also holds the Director's position at First Energy India. Raymond is an absolute power house who ideates even when he's asleep!
Sreeram Thiagarajan, Co-Founder
Sreeram, an alumnus of NIT-Trichy & IIM-A, is the Co-Founder of MoneyWorks4me. He holds 15 years of Industry experience in marketing, training & consulting with Castrol India and over 12 years at The Alchemists Ark, as an entrepreneur. His aim in life is to develop businesses which simplify things for people. He is a calm person, who loves Yoga and meditation.

Raymond & Sreeram conceived the idea of MoneyWorks4me due to their own struggles as retail investors. A quest, then born out of their own frustration as individuals with available advice, advisors, methods, instruments and tools. Hence, they decided to create an unbiased research model that simplifies stock investing, and that's

Why MoneyWorks4me?
Trusted for the Right decisions
Trusted for the Right decisions
MoneyWorks4me subscribers utilise the onsite analysis & reports with great ease, to identify fundamentally sound stocks at attractive valuations. This robust yet simple framework gives them confidence and peace of mind while investing.Our solutions offer them value for money (Plans starting at just Rs. 100 per company) in form of continuous tracking system, for Fundamentals supported by Technicals. Read user stories
Developed by equity specialists
Developed by equity specialists
MoneyWorks4me’s unique model is conceived by the alumni of IIT/IIM. Our quality & unbiased research is done by equity analysts who specialise in fundamental analysis for Indian stocks. Check proof of performance
Developed by equity specialists
Developed by equity specialists
Proven success worldwide
MoneyWorks4me’s valuation method is based on value investing principles, verified by successful investors like Warren Buffett & Ben Graham. The long-term stock investing has been proven beneficial worldwide & trusted by ace investment thinkers like Peter Lynch, Seth Klarman, & many more.
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