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Every crisis forces the government's hand to put the economy back on its feet. This year's budget following the pandemic crisis was nothing short of it. On February 1st 2021, Hon. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented Budget 2021-22. The commitment of the government to revive the economy is seen by budgeted estimate of 6.8% fiscal deficit in FY22. This follows 9.5% fiscal deficit seen for the year FY21. Not just that, the glide path for fiscal deficit also indicates strong expansionary policy for few years, with fiscal deficit going below 4.5% only in FY26. This shows expansionary policy of the government which will kickstart economic revival and growth. Over next 5 years, we believe that the focus of the market will shift to sectors like Manufacturing (Domestic and Exports), Infrastructure and Capital Goods. We had anticipated it in the year FY19-20, but looks like it’s coming true now, better late than never.
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