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Right Stocks

We have identified the right companies to invest in, based on a detailed analysis of their 10-Years Performance and assessment of their long-term future prospects.

We have colour-coded both these as: Green (Very Good), Orange (Somewhat Good), and Red (Not Good). We recommend investing in Green or Orange companies and avoiding Red—we may lose opportunities, but we should never lose money!

Right Price

Our Analysts provide the full and fair price of a stock based on the longer term performance of the company, we call it MRP. We choose the most relevant Valuation Model for a sector, and even for some specific companies. We regularly check MRPs and make changes, if warranted.

We also provide the Margin of Safety that investors should use to arrive at the DP or Discounted Price to buy a stock.

Right Allocation

We achieve this by setting a maximum allocation as a percentage of a portfolio’s net worth. Superstars allocates a higher percentage to stronger Green-coloured companies.

Superstars has an intelligent strategy for entry & exit. It recommends buying stocks in tranches to average the price to its Discounted Price.

Similarly, it recommends selling in tranches. The 1st tranche to book some profits, and the 2nd tranche to earn great returns.

This is not done to time the market, but to ensure high risk-adjusted returns.

Use the Decision Maker to get the full picture at a glance
  • Is it the Right Stock: A company worth investing in?
  • In what zone is the current market price compared to its fair value; is it in the Buy, Sell or Hold zone?
  • How much maximum percentage of your portfolio you should buy & how much at the current price? (Right Allocation)
MoneyWorks4me Decision Maker

MoneyWorks4me Xray
Use the 10 Year X-Ray to know the details

You can see the last 10 years performance to arrive at the right conclusion with ease. It is divided into three parts—Value creation (surplus returns over the cost of capital), Growth parameters and Key Financial parameters. It’s colour-coded for ease of understanding.

Use the Price Calculator & Chart to understand valuations better

The Price Calculator allows you to change some of the key inputs used in valuation, and develop your own iterations for better decision making.

  The Price Chart is unique, as it allows you to view stock-prices and valuation changes over time. It helps you gauge the consistency and integrity of valuation.

MoneyWorks4me Price Calculator

MoneyWorks4me Analysts Notes
Stay updated with Alerts & Analyst Notes:

You are alerted to any buy/sell trigger generated by us via both SMS and email

Our Analyst Notes explain any major changes in valuation or unanticipated events. These help you understand what is driving the valuation of a particular stock. They also negate unnecessary concern/hype generated by the media.

Use the Portfolio Manager to track your Portfolio real-time
  • Import, auto-update & track all your Portfolio real-time with ease, at one place
  • Analyse your Portfolio for 7 types of Risks―Asset Allocation, Sector Exposure, Stock Exposure, Market Cap Risk, Business Risk, Over-valuation Risk, Liquidity Risk
  • Get advice & take actions to manage risks for each Asset for risk-adjusted returns
  • See and assess the impact of any action you take instantaneously
  • Set price-alerts
MoneyWorks4me POrtfolio Manager
Build wealth-creating portfolio with
` 12,999/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation of 150 Large cap and quality Mid & Small cap stocks +15 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 102 per company/year
` 9,499/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation for 100 Large cap and quality Mid cap stocks +8 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 112 per company/year
` 5,999/year*
(Plus 18% GST)
You Get
Analysis, valuation & allocation for Nifty 50 stocks
+7 stocks extra
Buy & Sell SMS/Email Alerts
Detailed Analyst Notes
At just Rs 141 per company/year
If you are not delighted post purchase, just let us know within 7 days and we'll promptly process your refund.
Refund will be done on a good faith basis and only once in a customer's lifetime.

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