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Large & Mid-cap Stocks


By checking out the Colour-codes of

Top 100 stocks,

you have taken the first important step of identifying the
Right Stocks to invest in. But to get good returns, you must invest at the Right Price & at the Right Time.

Hence, to make the Right investment decision,get full access to the Top 100 Superstars

Here, for every Top 100 Superstars stock, you can find out if it is the
  • At what price you should BUY or SELL the stock, based on its MRP (intrinsic value).
  • When you should BUY or SELL a stock, based on both fundamentals & technicals.
Also, you will get access to:
  • Ready lists of Undervalued Stocks, Safest Stocks & Time to BUY or SELL.
  • Analyst Notes, Technical views & Company Tags to make robust decision.
Here, for every Nifty 50 stock, you can find out if it is the
Is it the Right Stock?
Through Colour - Codes of 10 year
X-RAY & Long-term prospects where
  • Both Green = Ideal
  • 1 Orange = Acceptable
  • Any Red = Avoid
Is it the Right Price:
If the CMP* is:
  • Below DP* – the stock is in BUY zone
  • Above MRP** – the stock is in SELL zone
  • Between DP and MRP – the stock is in HOLD zone
*CMP = Current Market Price
**MRP= Real worth of the stock
*DP = Discount Price i.e. safe buy price
Is it the Right Allocation:
Following signals are generated based on the technicals, MRP and Discount Price of the stock
  • BUY - when CMP is below DP
  • Strong BUY - when CMP is well below DP
  • SELL - when CMP is above MRP
  • Strong SELL - when CMP is well above MRP
  • WAIT - When CMP is between MRP & DP/When CMP is below DP or above MRP & no signal generated

So go ahead and get full access of Top 100 Superstars
@ just Rs.9,499 for 1 year
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