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  • Fiduciary i.e. Zero-conflict-of-Interest Independent Portfolio Advisory: We do not earn any brokerages, commissions

  • Unique methods and tools: to implement long-term fundamental investing

  • Transparent: Provide simple-to-understand analysis and insights so you understand the recommendations and invest confidently

  • Use technology: to customise advice and remove human biases in implementing it

   (SEBI registered: Investment Adviser - INA000013323

You become a savvy investor using our sophisticated but simple-to-use tools...
essential because you will be investing for 30+ years


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Disclaimer: The Proof of Performance seen here is based on the recommendations for stocks only, and
includes all stocks covered by MoneyWorks4me.
Our focus is to deliver healthy returns over the long term while managing risk that ensures clients stay invested and benefit from it.
What this means?

About Us

Why - Our Purpose

  • Help you meet Financial Goals by making your money work hard for you.

How - Our Approach

  • Ensure you stay invested
  • Focus on asset allocation
  • Make investment research transparent and verifiable at any time
  • Keep it simple

What - Our Services

  • Provide zero-conflict investment advice
  • Build a diversified portfolio of high quality assets
  • Use technology and human connection to nudge you
Why How What

Raymond Moses
IIT Kanpur
Sreeram Thiagarajan
REC Trichy, IIM Ahmedabad

We never planned getting into this. Since 2000, we run a Business Consulting and Training company out of Pune. Thanks to a very bad experience of investing in MF and ULIPs using the Mutual Fund Investment Advisory services of an MNC bank in 2008, we decided on our mission to make wealth-creation thru' investing safe and simple for Retail Investors like us

It turned out to be more difficult than we imagined! Simple was not simple enough, and making equity-investing safe was like grappling with the ultimate paradox. Also, the markets went from deep despair to irrational euphoria...

We used this opportunity, for our advantage, to test our models. We have continuously evolved our models and products to suit individual Customers’ profiles & needs. Now, with our unique-fundamental research and Smart Investment Solutions like Portfolio Manager (Free), Omega (Paid) and Superstars (Paid), we can truly say that we have made investing—Safer, Smarter, and Simpler!

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