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You have been our esteemed subscriber and supported us in our decade long journey. Thanks to the support from subscribers like you we are here (in itself a big achievement for a Tech-assisted Fiduciary without VC funding!), made huge additions to the site and our services and this year seeing an all-round improvement in our business metrics.

However, along the way we have lost some of our very valuable subscribers- fellow investors who believed in the Value and Quality-at-Reasonable-Price Way of Investing.

We want you to join us again and benefit from all that we have learned and available to our current subscribers.

We are willing to go a long way to make this happen for our past subscribers.

You let us know what price you are willing to pay to restart. And in the true spirit of partnership, if your price is reasonable we will agree to it.

Here are the Superstars Plans and the current price for a 1-year subscription for your reference:

You can reply to this mail or login and submit your choice of plan and the amount you want to pay. Our counsellor will call you and

  • If your price offer is reasonable, help you make the payment and start the subscription.
  • If not, help you find a reasonable price acceptable to you and us and if you agree make the payment.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Available till 29th Feb 2020.

Here are a few new things which have made Superstars more valuable:

  1. Value + Quality-at-Reasonable-Price Recommendations. (more stocks in Buy-zone)
  2. 20- 25 Analyst notes every month.
  3. Q & A with an Analyst every month.
  4. Monthly Outlook every month.
  5. Increased Coverage in Small and Midcaps.
  6. Dedicated Investment Counsellor available on Phone and WhatsApp.
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Raymond Moses
Founder, MoneyWorks4me