Get the Right Stock
Colour-codes for the 10 Year X-Ray Pro and Future Prospects tell you the fundamental strength of the stock.
Best Practice Tip: Avoid Red stocks.
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Get the Right Price
This tells you whether a stock is undervalued, using:
MRP - Fair value of the stock .
DP (Discount Price) - Sensible Buy price of the stock.
CMP - Current Market Price of the stock.
Margin of Safety - Difference from MRP to reduce risk.
Best Practice Tip: Invest in stocks when they are at a reasonable discount to the MRP.
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Decision Maker

Want to make Safe investment decision with unbelievable ease?
Here’s the Decision Maker that helps you make the Right Decision on any company quickly, without compromising on any element of quality or safety.

It tells you instantly whether you have
the Right Stock - by giving you the colour-codes for the stock
the Right Price - by providing its MRP & Discount Price
the Right Timing - by showing the BUY / SELL / WAIT Signals

Here's how the Decision Maker helps you to get a Safe & Quick Decision on any company

Simply Type any company of your choice
Simply Type any company of your choice
Step 1: Get the Right Stock
RED – AVOID PREFER Large cap; AVOID Small cap
Step 2: Get the Right Price
If the CMP* is
Below DP*, the stock is in BUY zone
Above MRP, the stock is in SELL zone
Between DP & MRP, the stock is in HOLD zone
*CMP = Current Market Price
*DP = Discount Price
Step 3: Get the Right Timing
Following signals are generated based on the technicals,
MRP and Discount Price of the stock
Consider BUY - when CMP is below DP
Strong BUY - when CMP is well below DP
Consider SELL - when CMP is above MRP
Strong SELL - when CMP is well above MRP
WAIT - When CMP is between MRP & DP / When CMP is
below DP or above MRP & no signal generated

Recent BUY /Recent SELL - check Price Chart for past signal
Additionally, for Nifty 50 stocks
BUY Zone - when CMP is nearing/reached or crossed DP
Always Remember
If you are interested in the company for future investment, then click on ‘Save to WatchList’.
In case you want to see detailed analysis for the stock, click on View details

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