Chapter 1: Empty your Cup or Why the heck should I read this book?

1.5 To get ready to run the Marathon and enjoy the pain

Investing is like running a marathon and not a sprint. That’s obvious because your goals are decades in the future. What does it entail? Running a marathon requires physical fitness no doubt, and you need to use your will power to complete it. But is that enough? How do marathon runners run marathons so often? 
There more shit to handle before you can invest successfully. Because investing is much more than the journey you read about in the previous chapter. That just described the external journey and everything, we talked about was about organizing things outside of yourself. Investing is as much an internal journey. But let’s make this easier for you. 
Think about running a sprint versus running a marathon. In a sprint you don’t even have time to think, to process what’s happening to your body. But, in a marathon you have all the time in the world to do that and you feel the pain and tiredness in every muscle of your body and you want to give up. Obviously, those who do give up or when they give up have managed this process quite differently than those who completed the marathon successfully. 
But you don’t just wake up one day and run a marathon and complete it. You train for it, both in your body fitness and in preparing your mind to not only deal with the challenge but look forward to it -that why marathon runners keep running marathons. This preparation of your mind is the inner journey that you need to make to invest successfully. But don’t worry this book will help you get there 
Investing is a marathon of making decisions and living the consequences of it. And many times, you feel the pain and almost always experience discomfort after take these decisions. And you are still required to take more decisions while you are in pain; exactly like the marathon runner needs to take the next step even though he experiences the pain the body. The difference is that in investing the decision making and the pain is all happening only in your mind. And this makes it...........Read More

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