Chapter 1: Empty your Cup or Why the heck should I read this book?

1.4 To stop looking for convenient solutions that don’t work

Do you know what is the opposite of right? Wrong obviously. Wrong, its Convenient. The reason most people don’t do what is right for them, is because they fall for what’s convenient. Nobody chooses to do what they think is wrong. But when investing, convenient is wrong for you and you pay a huge price for it. 
Once you know what you want to achieve through your investing, you get down to figuring out how to do it. The human mind will first search for the easiest way of doing it and if that’s not possible the least inconvenient way of doing it. And yes, you too are human about this. But, there’s a lot at stake and I am sure you want to ensure success. The trouble is do you know how the heck to do that? 
Let me help you experience the investing journey better through an example.  
Let’s say you are required to go on a long journey and quite a bit of it is through difficult and dangerous terrain -jungles, deserts, mountain, etc and sometimes the weather will be unpredictably rough. Unfortunately, there are no commercial flights to your destination. You could charter a plane which is very expensive and they are unable to give you any guarantee of taking you to your...........Read More

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