Chapter 2: Goal or What the heck is Financial Freedom in my case, exactly?

2.5 How to find work that really matters to you…my personal example

What is preventing you from doing the work that really matters to you? Is it lack of clarity or lack of courage or both? How do you go about addressing these challenges and being on the path to finding such work? Can this be really exciting and fun as well?  
Finding the work that really matters to you is very close to finding your dharma. Having your finances in good shape and if not, a good financial plan that you are implementing, enables you to switch to this work when you discover what it is a lot more easily. But discovering it is a journey and one that is different for everyone. However, I believe everyone gets a call to getting on to doing the work that is aligned or centered in your dharma. Sometimes, we don’t hear it and it comes calling again. 
Many of us hear the calling but are afraid to respond to it for different reasons. But one common reason why people don’t respond to this is money. Questions like “Will I be able to support my family, my lifestyle? Is there a future in this work? Will I be able to do it?” arise and need to be addressed. If your married, have kids and other responsibilities it can be daunting. But the fear and anxieties are usually bigger when they are only in your mind. A quote from the book ‘Zen and the Art of Making a Living’ has inspired me “Act into your fear and watch it disappear”. And the action I recommend is having your financial plan in place. It can do wonders to ease your anxiety and make you realize that money fear is not the reason behind why you are not doing the work that really matters to you. It is the not being in the search-mode or seeker-mode to find that work. Life is a game called treasure hunt, but you need to be in the game to find the treasure. I hope you are playing this game and here’s my story of how I played and am playing this game. 
I have been a high achievement orientation person for a long time now. Setting high goals and standards and then doing whatever it takes to achieve them is a part of my DNA. That’s what got me into IIT Kanpur, into HUL as a Management Trainee and a successful stint in Castrol. At the same time, I have been an avid reader all my life. 
IIT Kanpur has a huge library and we were allowed to issue up to 10 books at one time, a facility that I used to the fullest. As part of the curriculum courses, we were required to do 8 courses in Humanities and Social Sciences and the purpose of this was to widen the horizons of the nerds that we all were. I did courses in Philosophy, Art Appreciation, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. The collection of books on these subjects in the library was very impressive and I spent a huge amount of my time in the library and otherwise reading. 
All this was mind altering in the sense that I became sensitive to what goals I...........Read More

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